Every instructor at Strong Bodies is committed to delivering the latest in training techniques to enhance your functional movement. The team at Strong Bodies is experienced in working with people of all fitness levels: from beginners to workout enthusiasts, adolescents to seniors, men and women. Our instructors get to know you, as an individual. We show you how to appreciate what your body can do—usually more than you ever imagined it could.

Christina Strong

Chris is a Certified Personal Trainer and the founder of Strong Bodies LLC. A former Maine high school Female Athlete of the Year (1990) and a Division I basketball player, Chris draws on her education and personal experience to develop safe and cutting-edge training programs that are both challenging and fun. Chris works with large groups, small groups, and individuals, and enjoys helping her clients gain the many benefits that come from exercise, including physical and mental well-being. In addition to teaching Boot Camp classes and personal training, Chris works with students and young adults who are striving to be their best at sports and other fitness activities, and enjoys her pre-season conditioning work with local high school sports teams.

Tori Norton

Tori, a certified Vinyasa yoga instructor, knows that yoga has made her physically stronger, opened up her heart and improved the lives of those around her. For 12 years, she has enjoyed the magic of yoga and now shares it with scores of individuals and groups. She credits yoga with making her physically strong enough to carry 75 pounds of portable baby gear and compassionate enough to enjoy the journey. She believes that yoga creates a strong mind as well as a strong body.

Orion Poulin

I have been involved in athletics in one form or another for my whole life. Ice Hockey, soccer, baseball, ultimate Frisbee, and any high intensity exercise are all interests of mine. I began coaching two years ago in Illinois and found myself really enjoying helping others work towards, and achieving their goals. In my experience I have found that the hardest thing for many people is coming up with and executing a game plan that will work for them. Getting into the gym is the easy part, obtaining results and feeling accomplished in under an hour is the hard part. This is where I come in. The blueprint is different for everybody but once we find the right diet, fitness routine, and sticking to these good habits positive changes begin to manifest. It gives me great fulfillment to help others realize these positive changes. In short, I love what I do.

Belle Marsh

Belle began yoga as a supplement to her dancing and found it affected all aspects of her life. She has now been an avid yoga practitioner for over a decade. Belle is a certified yoga instructor with over 350-hours of training through Corepower Yoga in Boulder, Co. and brings to her classes knowledge of anatomy and somatic experience from her career in bodywork as a Rolfer. She teaches a vinyasa flow class that focuses on the breath, alignment, and beneficial modifications to demystify yoga and to help every student in the room understand their own unique body and be confident with modifying any and all poses.