We specialize in Functional Training which involves exercises in strength, movement, stability, balance, and flexibility. With Functional Training you gain strength and stability in your movement, which means that your everyday activities and your extracurricular activities (biking, hiking, skiing, and so on) become easier and you become more efficient.  Every training at Strong Bodies involves upper and lower body movement with focus on the core muscles that stabilize the body. As you increase core strength, you reduce the risk and the incidence of injury. Remember, your first class is always free!

Boot Camp Total-Body Muscle and Cardio Endurance

Instructor: Chris » & Orion »

Level: Beginner - Advanced

Time: 45 min & 1 hour

Boot Camp keeps you — your entire body — moving and challenged. Every class is full of variety, but has the same goals: to help you increase muscle strength and endurance and improve overall cardiovascular health. You'll use weighted bars, medicine balls, kettle bells, and more in this circuit/interval-style workout. Every Boot Camp class includes agility training and a core-strengthening finale. The positive atmosphere of this class is contagious and will leave you wanting more. All fitness levels are welcome.

Masters Strength Feel better, happier, more energized and empowered!

Instructor: Chris »

Level: Beginner - Advanced

Time: 1 hour

Bodies of all ages need safe, effective exercise to stay strong and healthy. This class is designed for bodies that may feel older, but whose owners refuse to give in! The focus of this class will be to build strength, balance, stability and flexibility with the use of TRX-assisted exercises, light free weights, bands, balance boards and other safe (and fun!) exercise tools. We will teach you proper form, and work within your personal physical limitations and restrictions. The benefits of this class go beyond improving your physical well-being and will help you feel better, happier, more energized, and empowered! Call Chris at 272-2551 for more information. Classes are drop-in, $10/person.

Vinyasa Yoga Movement to Strengthen and Renew

Instructors: Tori » &
Belle »

Level: Beginner - Advanced

Time: 1 hour

Vinyasa yoga helps to build a strong body and strong mind. This practice helps to release tension and stress, improve flexibility, and relieve physical pain.

Vinyasa cleanses and detoxifies every cell of the body. The emphasis of this practice is on the flow of breath and underlying energy of the body while moving gracefully and with strength from pose to pose. The student receives the benefit of stretching, strength building and a bit of cardio work.

The experience of the practice brings an understanding of transformation as you suddenly find yourself stronger, not only physically, but in all areas of your life.

Please bring your mat*, a towel and water and hydrate before and after class.

*There are a limited number of mats available for use.

Power Yoga for Teams

Instructors: Tori » &
Belle »

Level: Beginner - Advanced

Time: Decided by the Coach

We offer a series of four 1-hour Power Yoga classes for a whole team. (specific time / date to be decided on with the coach) Power Yoga is a fast paced sequence of poses designed to strengthen and lengthen the musculature of the body.

Initially we focus on stretching hamstrings, quadriceps, IT bands and shoulders as we learn some basic poses. Eventually we move toward a power flow (fast paced series of repeated poses) which adds a cardiovascular benefit to the practice and moves athletes deeper into tight muscles, ultimately enhancing agility, helping to prevent injury, and leading to a deeper focus.

Team yoga is generally a fun time for the team to enjoy the gym atmosphere together while teaching young athletes stretches that will help prevent injury, enhance balance and maintain core strength through school years and for life.

We can host teams of 20 athletes at Strong Bodies Gym. For groups larger than 20 we are happy to come to your field or gym.

Deep Stretch & Unwind Yoga - Sign-up required

Instructors: Belle »

Level: Beginner - Advanced

Time: 1 hour 15 Minutes

5 Wednesday nights 7-8:!5pm. Beginning May 21 - June 17

$50 - Sign-up required as class size will be capped at 10 to assure individual attention and hands-on enhancements for each student.

We are excited to offer this new class which will move at a slower pace than our other vinyasa classes. It's designed to open up tight muscles and will offer many hands-on adjustments to deepen your relaxation as you spend time to find the pose and let it work. Deep Stretch and Unwind will begin with vinyasa/flow and then move to deep stretches (especially good for runners and athletes) and end with several longer held restorative poses to drain any remaining tension.

The class will be taught by Belle Marsh, a skilled hands-on assistant and a Structural Integration/Rolfing professional, so you will be in very good hands.