Strong Bodies - Every Body Needs a Strong Foundation

Getting strong. Staying strong. That's what Strong Bodies LLC is all about. We're a personal fitness and sports training center in Yarmouth, Maine. Our expertise is in building your strength, increasing your endurance, and improving your overall fitness level.

Strong Bodies was built on a simple philosophy: Every Body Needs a Strong Foundation. We believe that a strong physical foundation can positively impact your life in every way so that you'll feel better about yourself and the world around you. That philosophy is also the key to making exercise and good health a way of life for you. Through our classes and personal training, you gain muscle strength, cardiovascular health, flexibility, and overall health and wellness.

At Strong Bodies, we exercise to feel good. We're positive, supportive, and want you to have fun and enjoy your time with us. And, your first class at Strong Bodies is always free.

Fitness For All Levels & Abilities

Whether you're a tri-athlete or a casual exerciser, we offer a variety of group classes designed to help you meet your personal fitness goals. We work with all fitness levels: from beginners to the workout enthusiasts, adolescents to seniors.

In addition, we offer individual training sessions for those seeking a more personalized approach to their exercise programs.

Strong Bodies is a place where you'll feel welcome, respected and renewed. You'll feel the support and energy around you. You'll gain a sense of achievement in every class and personal training session.
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