Personal Training

We recognize that a group fitness class may not be right for everyone. Personal training is an effective way to reach your fitness goals. At Strong Bodies, we offer individualized fitness programs with our certified personal trainers. Whether you’re a beginner exerciser or an experienced athlete, personal training at Strong Bodies will give you results.

A certified personal trainer will work with you one-on-one or with a training partner. We’ll evaluate your fitness level, help you set goals, select the types of exercises and equipment that’s best for you, and keep you motivated.

With personal training at Strong Bodies, you’ll make the most of your workout time and feel stronger.

Individual Training

Personal training at Strong Bodies is positive, supportive, and centered on you. Our personal trainer will make your workout interesting and enjoyable. We want you to achieve your goals while being challenged with a variety of fitness choices. We want you to learn and to celebrate what your body can achieve.

Senior Training

Good health and wellness are achieved by staying active, eating right, and taking care of yourself — regardless of your age! Building strength and increasing flexibility are important goals for people of all ages. The natural process of aging causes the gradual loss of muscle tissue and flexibility. But proper weight-bearing and cardio exercise on a regular basis can slow or even reverse the natural processes of aging.

Program Design

We'll also design a program for you to use on your own at home or in a gym. We'll provide you with detailed, written instruction on each and every exercise, and we'll update your program when you're ready to change it up!

Team Training

Strong Bodies works with sports teams to develop sport-specific strength, speed and agility. Although developing strength, speed, quickness and agility, endurance and flexibility is intuitive to some athletes and coaches, it is often considered secondary to the skills of an athlete's sport. Strong Bodies' philosophy revolves around developing both athletic conditioning and sports skills simultaneously, and creating muscular strength, power and stability through appropriate, sport-related movement.

The programs developed by Strong Bodies include integration of speed, agility and quickness training drills, using ladders, cones, jump ropes, stairs, rings, and so on, to work on overall foot speed, lateral and linear movement, vertical movement, change of direction, and endurance. Strong Bodies also designs strength programs, including exercises that simulate movements of a particular sport, to increase upper and lower body strength and efficiency of movement.

Core training is central to the programs designed by Strong Bodies because a strong core equates to increased stability and efficiency in movement. It also helps reduce the risk and incidence of injury. Every program involves comprehensive stretching exercises, which help improve flexibility and body awareness. Flexibility is instrumental in helping to reduce the likelihood of injury, but so often it is an element of training that is done ineffectively or completely overlooked.

Above all, Strong Bodies makes the training fun!

Special Events & Occasions

Plan your next special event, social outing, or group gathering at Strong Bodies, and incorporate exercise into your agenda! We'll provide our space and a Strong Bodies trainer will lead your group through organized and fun activities — anything from push-ups to yoga, pilates to zumba — all designed to build relationships and lift your spirits.